Service and Maintenance

At Hunter-Prell our service technicians and installers will ensure that your systems function properly through regular inspection and maintenance. Inspections and frequency of inspections whether quarterly or annual, are in accordance with NFPA codes and requirements. Performing regular rnaintenance will assure optimal operation.

Hunter Prell prepares and provides an inspection report to you and to other agencies that may require It.  We also maintain copies at our office for future reference.

More Testing and Maintenance

Hunter-Prell also performs Backflow Prevention Testing and Fire Pump Tests, on both diesel and electric pumps. This test compares water flow data to previous years to ensure the pumps are functioning properly.

More about Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

Fire sprinkler systems require inspection, testing and maintenance in accordance with requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), and your insurance company.  Hunter-Prell will perform a program of periodic testing, inspection and maintenance that is right for your company and NFPA code requirements.

Hunter-Prell inspections include testing the operation and conditions related to fire sprinkler systems in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25 standards.  We will compile a complete report of inspection and explain any deficiencies, along with recommendations of corrective action.  Once inspections are completed, copies of the records will be sent to you and other agencies requiring reports.

Fire Protection Definitions

Inspection is a visual examination of a water-based fire protection system (or portion of a water-based fire protection system) to verify that it is free of physical damage and appears to be in operating condition.

Testing is a procedure to determine the functional status of a system by conducting physical checks, i.e water flow tests and fire pump tests for water-based systems, sprinkler alarm tests, and trip tests of dry pipe, deluge, or pre-action valves.  These tests follow up on the original acceptance test at intervals specified in the appropriate chapter of the NFPA standard 25.

Maintenance is defined as work performed to keep equipment operable or make repairs.

Inspection, testing and maintenance service
Inspection, testing and maintenance service is a service program provided by a qualified contractor or owner’s representative in which all components unique to the property’s systems are inspected and tested at the required times and necessary maintenance is provided.  This program includes logging and retention of relevant records.

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